College is Still an Option For Brock Turner

College is Still an Option For Brock Turner


Brock Turnerhas a clear path to getting a college degree, but it won't be anything like Stanford.

We did some checking and there are several colleges in the Ohio area where he's living with his parents that will admit him, despite his sexual assault conviction.

Clark State Community College -- located about half an hour from his parents' home -- requires a high school diploma, and as long as he graduated from an Ohio high school, which he did, he's eligible for admission. There are no restrictions regarding crimes the applicant may have committed.

The school is certainly a bargain compared to Stanford ... it's 0.66 a unit. An academic year runs around ,700. Of course, he won't get a B.A. since it's a 2 year school.

We also contacted Central State University, a 4 year school, and HBCU. Officials at the school hedged on whether they would accept his application, but said if they did they would post notices on campus identifying sex offenders.

Daniel Baldwin

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College is Still an Option For Brock Turner