Glee Elves -- Decked the Mall Shoppers Ass ... Allegedly

'Glee' Elves -- Decked the Mall Shopper's Ass ... Allegedly

A "Glee" Christmas episode failed to deliver any joy for a woman who claims she got screwed by the crew ... laying cable all over a mall. 
Yolanda Rosario says she was at the Burbank Town Center mall last Nov., where a20th Century Foxcrew was setting up to film a scene ... which apparently required stretching electrical cables over a walkway open to civilian mall goers. 

In a lawsuit, Rosario says she tripped over some of the cables and fell ... breaking and arm and a rib.
She's suing Fox and the company that owns the mall ... for unspecified damages and medical bills.
Bah humbug.

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Glee Elves -- Decked the Mall Shoppers Ass ... Allegedly