Hair pin up a few suggestions for a rockabilly style

Hair pin up a few suggestions for a rockabilly style

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That's it ! The 40 'and 50' are back fast. They are found in fashion, in music but also in the hair style. If you are adept at Rockabilly style, this article is for you.

Today we present you some examples of hair pin up, all as sexy as glamorous to adopt every day or evening. Be inspired by the 50s' by trying these 10 unusual hairstyles.


What hairstyle pin up?


The hairstyle pin up, or otherwise Rockabilly, was inspired by the lifestyle Rock'n Roll 50s 'and 60', making tribute to Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. This culture takes us in the years to loud music, retro cars, swing and blues. It is the time of the rebels who appropriated their own style. We love everything from fashion pin up! She is cheerful and colorful! And hair pin up there belong.


The hairstyle pin up going as well as with long hair short hair. There is a wide choice of hairstyles to adopt. When one thinks pin up, one always refers to Victory rolls or the so-called roll-horns at the top of the head. Besides this is a hairstyle after the war. Before being a term in hairdressing, Victory rolls meant a fighter maneuver.


Little tutorial on the famous Victory Rolls

And speaking of Victory rolls, will you not be curious to try? There are different techniques to achieve the Victory rolls. They differ from each other, but the principle remains the same - the winding. Do not worry, we will guide you. To have perfect roll-horns, you will need:

  • a comb
  • a hair spray
  • curling iron
  • two clamps

hair-rockabilly retro-vintage

First, start by untangling your hair well to smooth your hair afterwards. Then, separate your hair into two main parts. Now it's time to take the curling iron and wrap each section of hair back. Secure them with pliers. Once that is done, pull your hair and back comb them with your brush by going in the opposite direction. The goal of the crepe is to give volume to your hair. Finally, it remains for you to wrap your hair in the top of the head and fix with a few pins. Do not forget to spray your paint rollers, so that your hair takes longer.

Duvet tape-red fringe

Did you know that the 19th century women realized their Victory rolls with pins and large rolls before going to bed? Obviously today it is much easier with the curling iron or hair dryer.


In the Rockabilly style is also found pin-curls.

We advise you to make the hair pin curls at night on damp hair. Make as many loops as you want, maintained by flat pliers. For this, simply wrap each message around your finger. Then cover it with a scarf. When you wake up in the morning, remove the scarf and voila. You can opt for various accessories for more color, as a headband or ribbon

To have a hair pin up successful, the most important is to bring the volume to your hair. For this, feel free to use foam or styling lacquer. Suicide is also a typical roll hairstyle 50s. Glamor and vintage, it will only take a few minutes. Feel free to watch the above video tutorial.


All hairstyles that you just saw are ideal to accompany you both in your daily in the evening. If you are a fan of this style, you can even do this kind of hairstyles on your Rockabilly wedding.

flower-rose-red lacquer

Hængekøje stol og hængende stol-ideer udenfor og indeni

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Hair pin up a few suggestions for a rockabilly style