My Kitchen Rules Sonya and Hadil open up about their shock exit from the competition

My Kitchen Rules' Sonya and Hadil open up about their shock exit from the competition

As previously reported on WHO, Sonya and Hadil, from NSW were told to leave the table by judge Manu Feildel in Wednesday night's episode as a result of a verbal attack against fellow contestants.

Viewers watched on as the pair – who are never short of a word – attacked fellow NSW team, Jess and Emma. 

 Hadil calling Jess a “blowfish” and Emma snapped back, “You look like Bubba Gump, seriously.” As a result, the  ceaseless rancour delayed Kim and Suong’s entree service by 10 minutes and culminated with Sonya pointing to all the contestants and declaring, “And I’ll come for you, and I’ll come for you, and I’ll come for you because you’re all disrespectful arseholes.”

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Now, Sonya and Hadil have apologised toMKR fans for their outburst. 

"There is more to the ‘scandal’ than meets the eye, howeve,r we take full responsibility for our words that came out of our mouths and we apologise," they wrote to Instagram. 

"Like any reality TV show, no one but the people on-set filming 10-14 hour days know exactly what goes on behind the tears, the tension, the smiles, the reactions and the words exchanged.

"We wish the remaining teams in the competition the best of luck."

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Following the episode, Sonya and Hadil have revealed that they've been copping awful comments on their Instagram pages, forcing Jess and Emma to tell viewers to stop the bullying. 

In a recent appearance onSunrise, the pair said: "There is no place for bullying in any way, shape or form.

"I think Australia really needs to look at that if they’re so against bullying and what happened on the show, they just really need to go easy on the girls as well.

"Emma and I know first-hand what that’s like to be trolled online...we’ve forgiven and I think Australia needs to do the same and bullying is not acceptable."

Let's hope so!

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My Kitchen Rules Sonya and Hadil open up about their shock exit from the competition