Priyanka Nicks Wedding Tonight, We Dance Family vs. Family ... Bollywood-Style

Priyanka & Nick's Wedding Tonight, We Dance!! Family vs. Family ... Bollywood-Style

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Priyanka ChopraandNick Jonashave a lock on the award for Most Fun Celeb Wedding Ever -- and you'll agree after seeing this video ... it ain't even close.

The Friday celebration included a Hindu tradition called Sangeet, which is -- as Priyanka described it -- "a fierce song & dance competition between families." The video is insane ... the Chopras and Jonases put on a full production that looked like a Bollywood set.

The idea is for the families to tell the story of Nick and Priyanka's romance through musical production. You might think the Jonases had the edge -- Nick's bros were all on stage -- but remember, they're on the Chopra's turf.

The Sangeet is just the latest stage of a full weekend celebration. Nick and Pri officially tied the knot on Saturday with a traditionalChristian wedding ceremony-- officiated by Nick's dad,Paul Kevin Jonas Sr.They had a laugh-riot pre-party for that one, too.

Sunday is for the traditional Indian wedding, and the Sangeet is, basically, the pre-reception for that ceremony.

Neither sides saying who won the competition, BTW. Priyanka says it ended as "a huge celebration of love." Hard to argue with the bride on that.

Balance, bonding and big families

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Priyanka Nicks Wedding Tonight, We Dance Family vs. Family ... Bollywood-Style