Roger Clemens -- MISTRIAL Over Improper Evidence

Roger Clemens -- MISTRIAL Over Improper Evidence

A D.C. federal judge just declared a mistrial in the perjury cased against star pitcherRoger Clemens-- after prosecutors gave jurors a peek at inadmissible evidence.

U.S. District JudgeReggie Waltonmade the call after just one day of testimony -- scheduling a hearing on September 2 to decide if there will be a new trial.
Here's what happened that triggered the mistrial.  A video screen was left on while the lawyers had a private conversation with the judge.  The screen displayed comments from Congressman Elijah Cummings at a House hearing, in which Cummings seemed to indicate Clemens was lying when he denied using HGH or steroids.
The seven-time Cy Young winner is accused of lying about taking performance-enhancing drugs in a 2008 testimony before Congress.

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Roger Clemens -- MISTRIAL Over Improper Evidence