Taylor Armstrong Strikes Agreement With Russells Parents

Taylor Armstrong Strikes Agreement With Russell's Parents

Taylor Armstrong
andRussell Armstrong's parents are in agreement -- Russell will be cremated in Los Angeles and the funeral will be held in L.A. as well ... TMZ has learned.
Taylor's family law attorney,Troy Christiansen, tells TMZ, Taylor is "outraged" at attorneyRon Richards, who has said Taylor and her lawyer lied when they said they had looped Russell's family in on the funeral arrangements. 
Richards claimed that Taylor excluded Russell's family from any decisions.
As we reported,there was a conflictover whether Russell's body would stay in L.A. or be taken to Texas, but Christiansen says it's all been resolved and everyone is in agreement.
Christiansen said there was never an issue about cremation -- Russell expressly said he wanted to be cremated and not buried.  And since Taylor was Russell's wife at the time of his death, she's the one making the funeral arrangements, but Christiansen says Russell's family is fine with it.

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Taylor Armstrong Strikes Agreement With Russells Parents