The constant pressure takes its toll on House Rules’ Chiara and David

The constant pressure takes its toll on House Rules’ Chiara and David

The row started when Chiara told David that she wanted the lighting changed in the entryway. “There’s just too much light in that room, between the pendant, the wall light, and the five more downlights, it’s way too much,” she said. But David wasn’t having it. “We haven’t got enough time to be moving these leads. They are there and that’s where they’re staying,” he said.

The argument began in the entryway...

The couple continued their disagreement outside of the construction zone and again in their interviews to camera. “I was not coping with the pressure today,” David told the camera. “Well Dave you have to cope otherwise what the f**k are you doing here?” she said. “Pull yourself together, you reckon you can do this, so just f**king do it.”

And continued outside.

Chiara and Dave weren’t the only teams struggling with the pressure as Johanna Griggs threwanotherchallenge at the six teams. This time Joh revealed that each team would need to buy or make a statement piece for one of their rooms that encapsulates their design vision for that space. In 24 hours, Jess and Jared would judge the winner, who would be awarded an “unbelievable prize”.

The six teams scrambled to find a statement piece that abided by the rules, with Toad and Mandy finding a basin for their bathroom off Gumtree, while Kim and Michelle decided to make their own pendant light feature. When it came down to the judging, Joh revealed that the prize would give the winning team an “enormous advantage in this renovation,” as they would be awarded four professional painters to paint their entire zone. Kim and Michelle were the lucky prizewinners, with Jess and Jared saying that they were impressed with their effort to make the statement light from scratch.

Kim and Michelle hug it out after their win.

Don’t miss the reveal of Jess and Jared’s Adelaide home onHouse Rules – Sunday, May 13 at 7:00 pm on Seven.

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The constant pressure takes its toll on House Rules’ Chiara and David