The headboard every angle

The headboard every angle

beautiful head of padded bed

Thebedheadis often forgotten when talking about deco bedroom and yet it is a vital accessory. In this article, we selected 24 examples of headboards that will inspire you and do not worry, there's something for everyone

padded headboard for comfort and a Baroque style modernized

elegant purple upholstered bedSponsored links

Reading before bed is a hobby for many. It relaxes and allows you to escape into a fictional world that approximates dreams. For book lovers, so it is important to choose a padded headboard that will offer the most comfort.

Upholstered headboard which takes the form of an arch baroque

Baroque upholstered bed

If it is not padded, it can be upholstered. The choice of motives is therefore up to you but think about the style of your room. If you want to opt for a rather baroque decor, choose floral patterns as in our example above.

Detailed minimalist style dimpling

detail headboard

If you prefer more minimalist style, are you spending patterns and bet everything on simplicity, both forms of the reasons which will therefore missing.

Here is a more modern look with tufted area

comfortable padded head

When choosing your headboard, consider your daily needs. If you find yourself sitting in bed, leaning against the wall, your back will benefit many and cozy padded surface.

An alcove to drop off his books after the reading session

headboard with storage alcove

Of course, you can always take your cushion but the result is not the same. In the example above, the surface is comfortable and offers more alcove to store your books. Clever, right?

headboard a stunning design with integrated light

beautiful headboard with integrated lighting

Our heart stroke today is focused on the headboard above. Contemporary, sophisticated, it includes an integrated lighting fashionable and slender shapes reinforce its modernity. Just imagine the bedroom, no other source of light that illuminated the two slots.

of minimalist wood bed

Raised minimalist style bed

Still wood, above bed wants much more minimalist and Zen design reminds us that inspires Japan. Simple forms, a single material - wood - and a slightly recessed bed under it, the result is calm.

Subdued lighting with the lighting choices in this room

sieved lighting around the bed

When choosing a headboard, one must also consider the lighting. You can of course opt for traditional lamps but you also have the option to make your spots in furniture or lamps.

Look more rustic with wooden palette

wood pallet

Wood is an interesting choice for those who love the rustic style. Think wood recycling craft which immediately gives the bohemian character as desired in the country.

Wooden tiles over the entire length of the wall

head reads prolongue length wall

Here is a modern and original idea since it revolutionized the idea that the headboard must stop up to our head. We like the way the wall is covered to the ceiling.

Beautiful garland of starfish to a marine atmosphere

starfish garland

In the example above, just a Starfish garland to add character to the bedroom decor.

Wood recycling craft for a rustic look and a durable solution

rustic look and bedside lanterns

Here, lanterns were hung on the surface to enhance the rustic side. We love the beach atmosphere that emerges this room. You feel on vacation!

traditional bed with an antique look

traditional look with wood

Here is an original DIY project for those two old doors

old doors as headboards

Why spend a lot of money if you can recycle an old subject? In fact, not need big budgets to have fun. Just find two old doors as in the image above and voila: you have an original headboard.

original headboard with different wood plies

headboard with wood Recycling

Recycling the wood 'or palette is also a great idea for an inexpensive shabby chic style. You can choose your favorite photo or picture and frame it like this. We particularly like the variety of wood that adds character to the room.

An ancient Paravant takes the role of a chic and original headboard

ancient screen transformed headboard

In the same spirit as the old doors, you can turn a headboard screen which oozes character. If you do not have one, go for a walk in a flea market and you will find your happiness without fail.

Great idea for a chic metallic look

baroque metallic form head

If the wood is not your favorite material, use a corrugated metal surface.

Three alcoves to customize decor

furniture bed with three alcoves

A headboard wants comfortable but at the same time, it must also be practical. And since finding a storage space can be difficult in a small room, this is the place to incorporate.

Storage is at the heart of design in the children's room that exudes good humor

storage around the bed

These bed furniture are very effective because they are decorated with drawers but also ingenious headboards that become shelves and small bookcases.

Furniture bed with several options to organize its storage

furniture bed with storage space

An original and modern look

bedroom with Deco furniture

If aesthetics is your primary goal, discover these few examples of design headboards, between contemporary and cozy.

Bedroom furniture matching black brilliant for ultra-contemporary look

ultra contemporary bedroom

The bedroom furniture is matched above and gives off a very contemporary look while the fairy lights below symbolizes a headboard arched.

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