The rustic kitchen or the harmony of stone and wood decor

The rustic kitchen or the harmony of stone and wood decor

rustic kitchen white paint deco white wood

Want to convert, renovate or restyle a rustic kitchen? This publication will help you accomplish your mission. Explore our models of rustic kitchens vintage, contemporary and modern and locate interesting ideas furniture, accessories and colors for your interior!

The rustic kitchen vintage, contemporary or modern embodies happiness lifestyle old

rustic kitchen bay window modern wooden furniture dark

Decorating the rustic kitchen is inspired by the interiors of old houses and rural buildings. And, as the architecture of the houses is based on two types of materials, stone and wood, the kitchen of this style necessarily includes at least a few keys that refer to this architecture and these materials. This is the first essential element of decorating a successful rustic kitchen.

Rustic Kitchen in stone and wood with center island and bar

rustic kitchen design deco wood stone wall

The rustic kitchen is generally preferred by those who like to spend at least a few hours of the day in this part of the house and who love to experiment with interesting recipes.

rustic kitchen with wooden picture open storage

Photo rustic kitchen wall storage shelf wood

That is why this play often involves a lot of kitchen tools that need proper storage.

Idea storage chic country style kitchen with open shelves

kitchen storage stylish wooden furniture campaign

The most common storage in an interior of this sort are made of wood. Open or closed, they contribute to the look of the entire room and they must not be overlooked.

kitchen paint color contemporary rustic style wall tiles

how to modernize its rustic kitchen paint color

The white, in all its nuances, is one of the most commonly used paint colors in rustic chic style kitchens or campaign, they are modern, contemporary and vintage.

Kitchen rustic design in pale yellow and idea center island with open storage

Layouts rustic kitchen makeover idea

Very versatile, the white color combines perfectly with all kinds of wooden surfaces. It is also a very good choice for those who want to refresh the look of their kitchen rustic atmosphere or renovate their furniture.

Idea to renovate a rustic kitchen and neutral paint color

Contemporary rustic kitchen furniture kitchen door

A brush stroke in a shade of white is often enough to make the interior of such a lighter and cooler space.

original tiled kitchen and color of interior paint modern rustic style

renovated kitchen style stylish tile campaign

However, the kitchen rustic design also admits other paint colors, such as yellow, blue, green and black. We not only seen on the walls of the pieces of this style but also on the kitchen furniture facades.

Deco rustic kitchen with wooden furniture and white paint color

decoration rustic kitchen renovation wood cupboards

Whether a kitchen, a living room or a bedroom, rustic style spaces and chic country are also other uses of wood: it is not just one type of coating but also a heater. In other words, many rustic interiors include fireplaces and wood oven.

Kitchen Photo country chic and modern rustic deco

Cabin Layouts rustic modern kitchen design

If you live in an area where the use of wood for heating and preparing food is not up, you can always replace these traditional elements with a modern style fireplace that successfully complete the rustic ambience of your interior.

modern rustic furniture and wall cladding and stone floor

example campaign style kitchen Chc stone wall wood furniture

The coatings and wood furniture are being generally accompanied by some stone keys. This sometimes adorns the walls in the guise of a wall facing; in other cases, it functions as a floor covering.

Landscaping corner rustic-style meals for modern kitchen and wall cladding exposed brick

model rustic kitchen deco wood dining Layouts

Many rustic kitchens also have a dining corner provided inside the kitchen itself. This is what strengthens the friendly atmosphere in the room and which recalls the origins of the rustic kitchen, which was formerly a multipurpose room.

Idea corner meal with stone wall and wooden table for interior design rustic kitchen

deco chic country kitchen Photo Dining

To convert a corner rustic style meal, consider a solid wood table and chairs in a similar style.

Bar chic country style kitchen with open storage and vintage stools

rustic kitchen island bar stools vintage style

In the country-style kitchens or country chic small area, bar, stone or wood, serves a traditional dining table.

Example wooden worktop Clean kitchen or rustic country chic

how repaint rustic kitchen idea blue wood white paint

Regarding the work plans for a kitchen of this kind, be aware that the stone and wood are, again, the preferable materials.

rustic style kitchen with wood cabinets and black stone worktop

relook a rustic kitchen design wooden cupboard

For a more authentic look, consider the opportunity to complete a work plan for this kind of a rustic bowl.

Makeovers small kitchen chic country style with white furniture and wooden worktop

Layouts small rustic kitchen contemporary design space

To revamp and renovate a rustic kitchen, try a marble worktop and tiles for wall covering glossy effect.

rustic style kitchen image with rough stone walls and beamed ceilings

rustic house renovated kitchen wall coating

As the exposed stone walls, beamed wooden part of the classic décor chic, rustic country kitchen.

Deco in white and wood kitchen contemporary and rustic interior

white deco furniture and wooden kitchen country chic
By themselves, these architectural elements are able to transport you into the atmosphere of an old house in the countryside or in a typical English cottage.

Example vintage rustic kitchen with black furniture and white walls

black vintage design rustic kitchen wood central island

Decorating with plates is another component of rustic design. It can be on a vintage sideboard or on one of the walls of the room.

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The rustic kitchen or the harmony of stone and wood decor

The rustic kitchen or the harmony of stone and wood decor

The rustic kitchen or the harmony of stone and wood decor

The rustic kitchen or the harmony of stone and wood decor

The rustic kitchen or the harmony of stone and wood decor

The rustic kitchen or the harmony of stone and wood decor

The rustic kitchen or the harmony of stone and wood decor

The rustic kitchen or the harmony of stone and wood decor