This 79 Ikea table could be worth thousands

This Ikea table could be worth thousands

Originally launched in 1953 as the Lövet, the brown side table became Ikea's first ever flat-pack product and proved to be very popular with shoppers.

Now re-released as the Lövbacken, online antique auction firm Barnebys have estimated that it could be worth a lot more in the near future.


The company says it could be worth £1,000 — £1,800 by 2030 ($A1755 — $A3159) and £3,000 — £5,000 by 2040 ($A5265 — $A7775).

“Selling for thousands at some of Sweden's leading auction houses, the Lövbacken has become a collectible for the most discerning of furniture experts, I wouldn't be surprised if the development in its value would look like this in the future," Barnebys co-founder Pontus Silfverstople wrote.

Happy shopping!

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This 79 Ikea table could be worth thousands